Christhu Jyothi Prayer Ministry

Christhu Jyothi Prayer Ministry

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  • To plan and conduct prayer meetings or sessions, and help lead the church members to an active life of prayer

  • To help turn God’s House, the church building, into a House of Prayer (Isa 56:7; Matth 21:13)

  • To pray with others in the body of Christ for specific concerns and needs of people known or unknown to us

  • To help organize a system for passing prayer concerns down the prayer chain…

24 * 7 Prayer tower at Karunapuram is dedicated to prayers for the various pray topics and carry the incessant prayer

Phone ministry have healed and lifted up many lives in thousands of the people.

Daily 1000 to 5000 calls from various of world call to Gethsemane Prayer tower

Prayer Timings

  • Every month on Monday and Thursday from 8:00 pm to 05:00 am – Rev.Dr.S.Paulson Raj garu & Rev.Dr.G.Jaya Prakash garu prayed for many believers