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Paulsonraj Sangala was born in a Christian family in the year 1973 in the village Bheemaram, Warangal district, Telangana, India.

My family

My father used to work as a mason and he was a drunkard. My mother was an attendant at a Government School. My younger brother is a Pharmacist.

Financial crisis

My grandfather was a rich man, who used to be a landlord of a huge land and wealthy as well. However, due to his drunkenness, lost everything. My family has become financially poor. This forced me to work from my childhood to support my family. So, I used to sell ice-creams, used to work in construction works, warehouses and whatever work was available to earn money.

Spiritual journey

Though my family conditions were contrary to my Spiritual zeal to study the Bible regularly and prayer was a custom. Many has given a good testimony about me because of my good character and Godliness. At the age of 10 years, I was filled by the Holy Spirit and my Spiritual life began to be fruitful. I learned many things about prayer.

On June 02, 1989, my father died. So, the total burden of the family was on me. On August 15, 1989, I fell down suddenly in the school and they rushed me to a hospital and the doctors have performed all kinds of tests. However, everything was normal. When I woke up I felt severe pain in my right leg. As my condition started worsening every day, all my classmates, teachers and relatives were started abusing me and my faith on our Lord Jesus Christ. However, I never ceased to pray; Received the healing from God.

After a few days, when my hope was started shattering, I was on the verge of committing suicide. So, I have decided that, If I do not receive the healing but by God, I will commit suicide. Otherwise, if he would only touch me, I will be his living testimony by taking up his cross throughout my life. Our Jesus Christ is a living God, who is mighty and powerful God, yet he hears our cry from the depths. He has heard my voice and appeared to me in a vision and he called me by my name and said Stand-up and walk. Instantaneously, I started walking and glorified his greatness. All of my relatives marveled and glorified our God along with me.

The promise to keep

As I made an oath to serve him, I started preaching the gospel in surrounding villages and shared my testimony. When I pray for their sickness, God healed them, performed many miracles, demon-possessed were also delivered. Later, I left everything and came to Karunapuram with Fr. Vijay Kumar, who encouraged me. I used to work as a warden in a hostel but had to leave in one year to serve my God completely. Fasting and praying has been a custom in my life. Sometimes, I fast for one day or two days or three days or seven days or forty days.

In the year 1992, a woman was suffering with tumor in her stomach and she was healed when I prayed to our God. God has revealed to me beforehand that this woman would came to me. After this miracle of God, the people have started to come to Karunapuram like a flood and the prayer hall has thrived in reaping the souls by hearing the word of God and establishing his Word by manifesting many miracles, wonders, signs, outpouring of the Holy Spirit and deliverance of demon-possessed. Now the congregation has grown to fifty thousand on every Saturday and also the Sunday worship in 100 Churches.

Walking in the light

Over 500 pastors were commissioned, 100 prayer warriors prepared and still preparing, government has arranged the special buses to the prayer center on every Saturday. My God’s mighty hand was with me during my sufferings, threatening, sleeplessness, cold, stoning, slanders, abuses and reproaches. Prayer has changed many things and his protecting and mighty hand is always with me and in his ministry. As God said not to forget the orphans and widows, so our ministry has been helping them and stretched our hand for them. His healings, wonders, unusual miracles and signs, deliverance from demons and the people have been released from witchcrafts and the people who perform witchcrafts have started following Christ; The Lord has not restrained to outpour of his Holy Spirit mightily. As God lifts up the humble, though I study 10th Standard, Andhra Christian Theological College, Hyderabad has awarded me a honorary Doctor of Divinity.

Glory to God and God bless you.

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