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I was born in a Christian family in the year 1975 in Ookal village, Warangal district, Telangana, India.

My family

My father Gopu Joji Reddy was an agriculturist and my mother Showreelu, homemaker. I have two elder brothers who are well settled.


I grew up in God’s fear under God fearing Parents. According to God’s plan, he shown his mercy and his mighty hand has saved me from many near-death incidents. When I was two-and-half years old, he saved me from being crushed under the bullock cart. When I was three years old, he saved me from my unconscious state due to inhaling petrol. When I was three years old, drowned in a water canal but he thrown me onto the shore, protected in an accident and many more. I have finished my schooling in the year 1992.

The turning point

On one day, Brother Paulson raj Sangala came to my house to pray for my elder brother, who was suffering with severe migraine. Immediately, he was healed after the prayer. After the prayer, I was taking Brother Paulsonraj Sangala on my vehicle to drop at his place, while we are on the way, he has shared the Word of God from John 15 and those words have made a tremendous impact in my life. Then I started reading the Bible with more zeal and prayed fervently. Afterwards, we became very good close friends.

First steps into the ministry

God has given me more wisdom, skill to understand and knowledge by his Holy Spirit. I have completed my B.Pharm in 1996 at Mysore, M.Pharm in 1998 (Pharmacology) at Ooty and Ph.D from Kakatiya University, Warangal. During this period, I accompanied Brother Paulsonraj Sangala in the ministry. I used to take care all the things, when we go to different villages and places to preach the gospel. Our friendship knitted stronger by the Love and grace of our God.

God’s call

I was reluctant towards the ministry, but in the year 2001, God has spoken with me through his word from Mark 8:34,37, for which I had to yield and surrender my life to take up the Cross and follow Christ. So, I started to preach the Gospel and pray for the sick. God has started using me and Brother Paulsonraj Sangala as his vessels and we have started working together in the ministry. Also, God has given me the privilege to complete M.A (Christian studies) in the year 2007. God’s work has been manifested through me by this word, miracles, wonders and granting repentance and salvation to many.

Now working as a Preacher, Director, Bible Teacher, Speaker in various crusades in India & other Countries.

Glory to God and God bless you.

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