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Once when I was praying with fasting God gave me a vision, in which I was writing letters to many people. I inquired the Lord about the vision and God explained to me, ‘for the Spiritual growth, stability, and encouragement of believers you start Magazine Ministry’. I shared the vision with brother Jaya Prakash and we both prayerfully started “Jesus Loves Magazine”. For the growth, they need to understand the word of God clearly because when they do not understand the scriptures thoroughly their spiritual growth will be stranded. In the year 2003, we started the magazine ministry with few subscribers but now by God’s grace thousands’. The readers are gladly coming to us and sharing their experiences saying we are able to know the Word in depth, enabling us to be fruitful. Live Testimonies are also published and people hold the magazine and with faith pray ‘Oh! Lord perform the same miracles in my life as you have performed in the life of these peoples’ and God is doing great wonders in their life. Especially one page is for women and one page for prayer. The magazine is posted on our website and is accessible for many people abroad and they are receiving Christ and growing in the Word of God. They send emails about the blessings of God received by them after reading the messages and also are encouraged to surmount the obstacles of the devil and the world. The magazine ministry is showering blessings in their lives physically and spiritually. Praises to His Holy name – PAULSON RAJ  

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