All night prayer

All night prayer

Bro. S. Paulson Raj inspired the Holy spirit about All night prayer, How God blessed people when they waited in the presence of God during night time?

“Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly: Nor stands in the path of sinners; Nor sits in the seat of the scornful. But his Delight is in the law of the Lord. And in his law he meditates day and night”  – Psalm 1:1, 2

Bro.Paulson raj desired in his heart to start All night prayer, but he did not know how to conduct. he asked some people, but no one gave a satisfactory answer, then he thought the wisdom of man is futile and started to ask God in prayer.

The Bible gives us many examples of blessings by God during Night Prayer:

1. Abraham was blessed in the night 
2. Jacob was transformed to Israel during the night wrestling
3. Paul Prayed during the night time
4. Elijah walked 40 days and nights
5. Passover was kept during the night
6. Jesus Christ prayed many times in the night

God showed the order of Prayer, it was a great day of blessing and never forgot that day in his life.

From 8′ 0 clock to 10′ 0 clock he praised God

From 10′ 0 clock to 12′ 0 clock midnight he sang songs.

From 12′ 0 clock to 2′ 0 clock he read the Word of God

From 2′ 0 clock to 6′ 0 clock in the morning He Prayed regarding many issues for the perishing souls.

For the first Night Prayer He (Paulson raj)  was all alone but for the second night service few people came and for the third time about 50 people came. Gradually people were increasing for the Night Prayer, this was started in 1993. When God was being glorified Satan began to create some problems through the wicked people. They threatened not to conduct Night Prayer, but even then He conducted Night Prayer, but when the wicked people heard that he ignored their threats and conducted Night Prayer threatened Paulsonraj with knives, then Fr. Vijay Kumar thought they would kill Paulsonraj, so he said stop Night Prayer. There was no All night Prayer for two months. But Paulson raj heart was in pain and agony and his tears were running down from his eyes in Prayer.

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the Soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both Soul and body in Hell” – Matthew 10: 28

For to live is Christ and to die is gain” – Philippians 1 : 21

Then Bro.Paulsonraj remembered the above verses and started Night Prayer again because God gave boldness to face any circumstances, God is more powerful than anyone in this world because He is the Creator and no weapon formed against His Servants will prevail. After few days the wicked people who threatened Paulsonraj were killed. Some of them came to know the power of God and afterwards for forgiveness, when they repented Paulsonraj Prayed for them and they were saved.