Cool water kiosks

“Then he became very thirsty; so he cried out to the Lord and said, “You have given this great deliverance by the hand of Your servant; and now shall I die of thirst and fall into the hand of the uncircumcised?” So God split the hollow place that is in Lehi, and water came out, and he drank; and his spirit returned, and he revived” (Jud 15:18,19)water is one of the basic element in this universe. Man or any living creature on this earth need water to be alive. But due to changes in the environment many of the water resources have dried up completely and there is severe drought. People are suffering very much even for drinking water, with the intention of providing drinking water for the travellers in the hot summer brother Paulsonraj advised to provide drinking water. From the past four years(2012) we have been opening cool water kiosk to quench thirst for the people moving on the roads.